What If? by pastor Bert Bocachica

What if?

We live in a world that is driven by favoritism, jealousy, division, hatred, insensitivity, differences, confusion and darkness.

Everyone is finding themselves, at one point or another, forced with having to make a decision to choose a side. Politically, socially, culturally, medically, educationally, religiously, financially, and more.

For the United States of America, we seem pretty divided if we truly believe the definition of “United”: (verb) come or bring together for a common purpose or action.

We see and hear of protests for and/or against so many things that it almost causes a decision making and side choosing *epilepsy of thought. (*Sorry, that’s the o oh word I can use to describe what I want to say).

  • Pro-life
  • Pro-choice
  • Gender equality
  • Freedom of speech
  • Racial divide
  • Republican or Democrat
  • Inclusion
  • Political correctness
  • Freedom of the press
  • Freedom of religion

Day in and day out we find ourselves with more organized sociopolitical theories and concepts which we find ourselves compelled to agree or disagree with. In doing so, thanks to social media, we quickly divulge our stance based on the data fed to us by the agents of the purported views made by individuals whose lives may or may not represent 100% of our personal convictions and beliefs.

Why? How did we get here? When did we get so complacent with contrary voices and opinions and determine that we are intelligent enough to determine which voice and direction we should where to and support?

What if? That’s what comes to mind. What if?

What if we went back to the beginning? We are one nation under God as it clearly states in our pledge. For many years, courtrooms clearly displayed the phrase “In God we Trust” on their walls.

God? Did someone say God? What God is that? What if the God they are thinking of is not the Lord God Almighty that we as believers love, follow, trust and obey? It’s possible. The definition of everything else in this world has changed. Have they changed the definition of God first to then allow the changes we see across the globe?

Speaking of Globe. One nation under God? If it’s my God they are talking about, Genesis 1:2 clearly states that in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. *EVERYTHING*.

So, we are not just a nation under God we are His creation across the globe; across the universe, the galaxy and stars and their solar systems. That God?

We must take a stance and we must decide. Daily we are faced with the task of deciding. Do I go to work, stay home, train, bus, ferry, Uber, overtime, cook, order out, sleep in, gym, be lazy and on and on?

What if? What if we made all of our choices and decisions of who we are, support, back, believe and applaud based on the Word of God who we are under and trust. His Word is truth and never changing. Why are we changing laws and positions now?

Use the Word of God and your relationship with God and His Holy Spirit within you to discern and decipher who and what to believe and support. What if? What if we truly take God’s Word so seriously that anything that is thrown at us to make a crucial deduction on is placed through that filter known as the Word of God. If the position; political, social, cultural, ethical; makes it through the filter with no discrepancies or concerns, go for it.  

God is a God of order and He loves us. He created us to have fellowship with Him. We are created to worship and obey Him as the Heavenly Father that He is.

Since day one, the enemy has tried to play the role of God here on earth. In a not so eloquent or highly sophisticated phrase I urge you to stay with this simple thought in mind. “Don’t believe the hype”.

Advertising, marketing, media and sales has driven our society to react to colors, pictures, words or sounds in such a way that we no longer allow the Spirit of God to speak to us or better yet, translate to us what the voice of the world is saying.

What if? What if we truly believe in the God we serve and worship weekly and daily? What if? What if the voice of truth becomes the only voice we listen to and obey? What if? What if we take a stance?

Our stance should be CHILD OF GOD. Here is a secret. That stance will stand against anything and never lead you astray. No politician, activist, leader or news reporter will stand a chance in deceiving and shaking your deep roots in Christ if you take the stance of a Child of God.

Every day, more and more things are now being deemed acceptable which has slowly minimized, not only the number of arrests but the urgency to pray. Have we actually adopted the mentality of “well, no need to pray about that anymore. It’s legal.”?

We are living in the last days, my friends. Slowly the voice of God is being overpowered by the voice of the foolishness of the enemy and his minions. Whose report will you believe? Not just for healing but for surviving this very world we live in daily?

God still speaks. Do we listen? What if we did?

Know His voice? If not, pray and tell God “I want to know Your voice”. Speak to me.

What if? What if we already lost our chance to speak up? Lord have mercy on us all.

2019 is a year of New Beginnings. Let’s renew our commitment to the Voice of God and only follow that one True Voice. The God of Abraham and Isaac. The God of the Holy Bible as found in Genesis 1:1. That God.

We are one nation under God.

In God we trust.

What if?..... what if?